Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puppy Redux

We miss our puppy!  That's the problem with choosing such a young puppy...she was less than three weeks old.  You choose, you pay, you wait!  She can't come home until she's at least 8 weeks old and Brian says we won't even recognize her.  Let's go for a visit and let her sniff us some more.  I asked the breeder if it would be OK and she agreed so we took the beautiful drive upstate again, camera in hand.

When we got there and went into the puppy room, they were all sleeping on top of each other behind a puppy gate.  When the breeder opened the gate, they all looked up but only one puppy tried to make a run for it.  Keep in mind that 5 week old puppies can't run very fast so this was quite amusing.  But this pup ran past the breeder, past Brian and straight to me.  I scooped it up just at the time the breeder determined that the one we chose wasn't in the pile (double-dot).  She then walked over and looked at the pup who had run to me and pointed out the fact that she had two dots!.  My puppy! :)

She's beautiful!  She looked like a hamster when we first picked her out.  Now she's almost a dog :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Met My Puppy

Yesterday was such a great day!  It started out cloudy but soon became a beautiful crisp, clear day.  Brian and I headed out early on a beautiful two hour drive upstate.  All the spring flowers were in bloom and I had my camera.  Locating the breeder was an adventure through upstate farm country and we were both surprised at how gorgeous and well-kept the area was.  We'd been half expecting to find a trailer park but nothing could be further from the truth.

Her farm (mostly horses) is lovely and well kept.  She herself was friendly and showed us around.  All of her adult CKC Spaniels run around freely, greeting visitors.  Brian and I jokingly called them the welcoming committee.  We'd wondered if we'd be allowed to see the conditions in the puppy area of if she would just bring them out to us.  No worries...she brought us right in...showed us everything.  So many puppies!

We liked the litter of a female named Winter's Treasure.  She was a sweet, good natured dog who didn't object to her pups being handled.  There were three little girls in the litter.  One was a bit more brown than we liked but the other two were nicely colored and looked very like each other.  Brian and I passed them back and forth, trying to decide which was the prettier if there was truly a difference :)

One of them had two little brown spots on the back of her head and the breeder called her double-dot.  When I first held her, I noticed right away that she was much feistier than her sister.  I must have been chatting with Brian and the breeder for nearly 20 minutes and the feisty pup in my arms was silent so I assumed she'd fallen asleep.  But when I looked down at her, she had her chin resting on my chest, wide awake and looking at me.  My heart decided...this was my puppy.