Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dismantling the Puppy Pen

For months we've been discussing when to get rid of the puppy pen but had mostly settled on doing it when Hadley was a year old. But it just seemed silly to wait at this point.

She's potty trained and has been reliable for months. She never did do much destructive chewing even when she was teething and certainly doesn't do it now. So, with three weeks to go till her birthday, there were no more reasons to wait. In truth, we've been letting her spend the night outside the pen here and there for several weeks now - always nervous that she'll make a mistake. But she constantly proved herself trustworthy.

And so, today, we finally folded up the pen and put it away. Her bed is in a corner of the living room, her water bowl moved to the kitchen and her toys gathered in a low basket where she can reach for them herself. The apartment feels huge without the pen! :)