Monday, April 19, 2010

Puppy No More!

Friday was Hadley's first birthday. She's a young lady now and I've been waiting for this day since we first brought her home. I've always wanted her to grow up and stop nipping our fingers and peeing on the floor and yipping in the middle of the night and doing all the other annoying things that puppies do.

It was a difficult year in many ways but worth the work. She grew up so nicely. She's obviously gorgeous but also so sweet and playful and well behaved. She's wonderfully friendly, knows lots of commands and, most delightful of all, hasn't peed or pooped on the floor in months. She's an absolute doll of a dog and we love having her.

We fretted so much about whether she eats, how much she eats, will she be the right size, too thin, too heavy... So, over the weekend we took her to be weighed at her vet's office and she is heavier than we expected - 17lb., 14oz. But, she's long so that weight suits her. The doctor said she looks just right and I agree. She's perfect.

And big, year-long adventure of raising my first puppy is over. We had a little party. Her best pal, Cinnamon (a toy poodle) came over to play. I bought some doggie birthday cookies and Cinnamon's mom brought Hadley a new toy. She got indulged and spoiled on her birthday and, although she obviously had no idea why, I'm sure she had a great day.

Today on our walk we ran into a couple of very young puppies and they attracted dozens of admirers...the way Hadley used to. She still attracts people but understandably fewer now that she's grown up. Seeing the small puppies made me slightly nostalgic for when my own baby really was a baby. But it was only slightly and it was fleeting. I still do prefer her grown up.

So happy birthday sweet, beautiful Hadley. You're not a puppy anymore but you'll always be my puppy and I hope you're having a happy life with me.