Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Um...Did Someone Flip A Switch Somewhere?

Hadley's actually eating lately. She's still not attacking any bit of food the way you'd expect a dog to but...she's eating. For the past couple of weeks I've followed the same routine. In the morning, I fill her bowl with the day's correct amount of California Natural chicken & rice dry kibble. Sometimes she eats a little, sometimes she eats a lot, sometimes she doesn't eat it at all. No matter, it stays in her pen all day for her to choose.

In the evening, I take a good amount of the remaining kibble from her bowl, mix it with a tablespoon of the companion California Natural wet food, throw in a handful of grilled or boiled chicken pieces and add just a teaspoon of water to moisten the whole thing. Hadley's learned this evening routine and waits patiently in the kitchen corner while I prepare her dinner. When I set the plate down on the floor, she usually eats it with some gusto. When she finishes, she'll either walk away or come to my side and look up at me which means she wants more. I then give her half as much of the same mixture as the first plate and she'll usually eat most, but not all, and then run off to play. It feels, for the first time, like this routine is healthy and works for both of us.

She's definitely gained some weight and was 13 lbs. on the morning she was spayed. She's still on the thin side but now looks more in proportion to her length. It's unlikely that she'll grow any longer because she's already on the long side of the breed. In terms of weight, she'll probably put on a couple of more pounds before she's done growing. Breed standard weight is 12 to 18 lbs. and it looks like she'll be right in the middle. Talk about nervous first time doggie parents! All this worry for all these months about her being too big or too small and, meanwhile, she's growing up to be just right :)