Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Dare to Hope...

I'm sure I've spoken to every CKC Spaniel breeder in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with little to no success so this just seems too good to be true.  I've been trading e-mails with a breeder who says three of her females gave birth at nearly the same time and she has 16 little 3-week-old puppies available.  She assures me most are Blenheims and at least half are female.  Her price is reasonable.

She's located in a town called Stanfordville which is about two hours north of Manhattan but only 20 minutes from The Culinary Institute in New Hyde Park.  Brian and I made a reservation months ago to have lunch there this coming Saturday.  I told the breeder that we would be in the area and asked if we could possibly come before our lunch and see the puppies.  She said to come ahead.  How convenient...and maybe too good to be true?  I'm so excited...and I'll be so disappointed if this doesn't work out.

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