Friday, October 9, 2009

The Boarding Lesson

I was concerned that, when I boarded Hadley while Brian and I were on vacation, the other dogs would teach her bad habits. Well, they apparently did teach her something but it certainly wasn't bad. I'd been having trouble getting her to understand that it's good to pee and poop outside when we go for walks. She's always had a potty box at home and was reasonably trained to use it. But when were were out on walks, she had a tendency to hold it in until we got home and she could use her box. I tried giving her the "go potty" command when we were out, I tried bringing newspaper with me and laying it down on the street but nothing had worked yet. But it seems her canine companions were better teachers than I. The boarded doggies are taken out three times a day for relief walks and Hadley obviously got the message because the change was immediate once she came home. Now, when we go for walks, she always takes care of business, sometimes more than once. It's almost as if she thinks it's her duty. Good lesson :)

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