Monday, October 19, 2009

High Octane Puppy

Hadley has all kinds of great doggie qualities but is definitely extra high energy. Puppy exuberance is all well and good but even her vet recently suggested some professional help. I've spoken to the trainer she recommended and I liked her on the phone. Hadley is due to be spayed next week and, once she recovers, I'll set up a training session.

She never went to puppy kindergarten and I'm still not sure if that was foolish or not. I've taught her a lot of the basic commands and, being a city dog, she's had heaps of socialization. Perhaps this way is best - a personal trainer, focused just on those areas that need improvement. And, at six months old, I know what they are. She needs to be calm on a leash and when greeting people and she needs to respond to my calls even when she's engrossed in play. I think it likely they're all related and she needs to learn to focus on me. Of course, it's not really Hadley that the trainer will train. I suspect that it's me who needs the training :)

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