Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Potty Box Redux

I'd been searching for a larger potty box and finally found one with nice, low sides - Purina Second Nature Doggie Litter Box - and it arrived tonight.  I put it on the floor while I was throwing away the wrapping and Hadley jumped right into it to play...because the world is her plaything.  Then she started chewing the sides of it...because the world is her chew toy.

I put it in her pen next to the newspaper and taught her (with a food treat) that GO POTTY means step into the box.  She learned that just fine...but she peed on the newspaper in her pen.  So, I put the pee stained newspaper in the box and took away all the other newspaper in the pen.  Later, after she ate and drank, I put her in the box and gave her the command.  She hopped out, looked around for newspaper on the floor and went to her bed when she didn't find any.  She came back a few more times to look for other newspaper and finally broke down and used the box.  Excellent!

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