Thursday, July 16, 2009

Call the Plumber, We Have a Leak!

Hadley's an 'excited peer.'  In other words, she 'pees submissively.'  At least that's what I'm told is the official terminology/diagnosis for her behavior.  When she sees someone new or when Brian and I come home from work, she gets so excited that she leaks pee.

I don't mind so much at home because I'm kinda used to cleaning up pee.  But it's embarrassing when it happens outside.  I don't want to tell people not to pet my pretty puppy...but they sometimes end up with a little pee on their shoes.  Sometimes it's a little pee on their toes since it's Summer and, therefore, flip-flop season.

What I find interesting is that it happens even if she's just peed.  It's like she holds back a little reserve for excited peeing :)  I don't get upset at her, though, because I've read that this is common and she's too young to control it.

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