Friday, July 24, 2009

Puppy Whisperer Needed

I'm so frustrated that I decided to see if a puppy trainer or class would be right for us.  There's a place right up the block that has a puppy kindergarten ($350!) and there are a bunch of trainers in the area that will come to my house and charge me even more.

They all offer help in teaching basic commands but, I've already taught her those.  They all stress the importance of socializing a puppy but, she's plenty social.  She loves everyone and everything!  I mentioned that to one trainer on the phone and she did acknowledge that city dogs are more readily exposed to crowds, noises, people and other dogs.  At this point, I've taken Hadley out lots of times and she is never hesitant or fearful.

I'm sure the kindergarten would be fun for her but that's a bit more money than I wanted to spend right now if it's not absolutely necessary.  And the personal trainer kind of annoyed me a little.  She talked about food aggression and when I told her that Hadley doesn't mind if I touch her food she warned that that could change.  Um, scare tactics just tick me off, really.  She also made it seem like the excited peeing was a serious problem that must be immediately corrected but even the vet said she can't help it.  So..if she can't help are you going to correct it?  Frustrating.

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