Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Monster in a Cute Suit

She's so cute that almost no one can resist her.  Walking her goes like this...walk 10 steps, stop to let an admirer pet her...walk 10 steps, stop to answer questions about her...walk 10 steps, etc., etc.

All of that should be fun but I'm so frustrated by her that I'm not enjoying it.  When people tell me how much they wish she was theirs I'm tempted to say 'take her.'  When they comment how much fun I must be having with her I want to ask which part is fun - the pee on the carpet or the poop on the floor.

I search on the internet in the hopes that other people will describe these same problems but all I seem to find are people bragging that their dogs were housebroken or trained in a weekend.  Yeah...I want to meet these dogs.  Thank goodness for my best friend who has raised many puppies and who keeps shouting at me, "SHE'S ONLY A BABY!"

Right, calm down, she's only a baby.  She's a good dog, she's friendly and sweet-natured, her tail is always wagging.  Give her time.

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