Friday, December 11, 2009

Trained Puppy...Sort of

It's been about a month since Kate, the doggie trainer, came. She was was prompt, professional and knowledgeable. She'd been booked for a two hour session but ended up spending almost three hours with me and explained a lot about dogs...some of which I'd already read and some of which was new. So, over the past month, Hadley and I have been practicing what we were taught.

Kate made feeding suggestions that have helped my finicky puppy be less finicky.

Kate made a harness recommendation that has helped my pulling puppy to be under better control on walks.

Kate taught my puppy who wouldn't come on come on command.

Kate taught me how to stop my jumping puppy from jumping on people. Unfortunately, this one requires the cooperation of the people but I've found it easier to train my puppy than the humans around her :)

Kate taught me that dogs do not like to pee and poop in the same place which is why Hadley had been correctly peeing in her box but pooping outside of it. So, I got Hadley a second potty box and we've only had a couple of mistakes since then.

Kate told me my puppy was beautiful, sweet and very smart. I already knew the first two parts but was delighted to have her professional opinion on the third.

So, is she now a wonderfully well-trained dog? Hahahahaha! She's better, though, and much more responsive. Some of that is a result of the training and practice, of course, but some could just be that she's growing up and that would be fine, too.

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