Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting Ready for Labor Day Weekend!

After a whole summer in the city with my puppy, I can't wait for the Labor Day weekend.  I'll have off work from Friday to Tuesday for a relaxing getaway to Brian's house on the east end of Long Island.   But this will be the first time I'm going anywhere with Hadley so I'm trying to prepare.  The house has two floors so we will have to teach her to climb stairs.  I ordered a second potty box so that one can be upstairs and one downstairs for easy access.  (We'll see how compliant she'll be in a new environment.)  I've also ordered a long outdoor tie-out so that she can roam around the grass a little and still be safely tethered to the porch.  And, I've bought a doggie seat belt harness. 

It's a long drive and Brian wanted to crate her for the trip, but I disagree.  My Hadley is not meek and I think she'll do better if she can see what's going on.  Plus, we're always in and out of the car whenever we're out east and I want her to learn to enjoy it.  I promised him I'd seat her on a thick towel in case of a potty accident.

I've made a packing list of all the doggie supplies I'll need to bring and researched pet-friendly places on Long Island.  Unfortunately, there aren't many.  I would so love to take her to the beach but it's not allowed in season.  Oh well, she'll still get to experience the grass and fresh air and smell of water.  I love it out there and I hope she will, too.  It's ironic...she was born on a farm upstate but never really left the puppy room until we came to get her.  So, for all intents and purposes, she's a big city dog.

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