Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Magnet

I remember someone, who knew I was getting a dog, telling me that I would be making a lot of new friends.  Now that she's here, I can say that's definitely true.  There's no shortage of dogs in my neighborhood but there still seems to be a camaraderie among dog owners and people feel free to stop and chat when I'm with her.  I'm a friendly person so I like that but it's fascinating to watch how a dog, especially a puppy, brings out the full range of human behavior.

Some people ask if they can pet her and let her sniff their hand first.  Hadley is super friendly and LOVES people so this is not necessary but I do recommend it as a general rule with dogs you don't know.  Other people just grab her, pet her, pick her up, kiss her...  There's a part of me that doesn't like other people slobbering all over my puppy but I know she loves the attention and I wouldn't begrudge her.

I've also noticed that when Brian is alone with her (or I'm standing at a distance), women are more likely to approach.  When I'm out with her, men feel more free to speak to me.  The most social of all is when we're out together and see another couple with a CKC Spaniel.  We all lock on each other and come right over to make the introductions - both human and canine.

As I said, I enjoy all this social interaction and I know Hadley does.  We do get stopped many times because she's a puppy and people can't resist.  I've learned to keep an eye out, though...  One time Brian waited outside a deli with Hadley while I ran in to buy her a bottle of water.  As I was paying the clerk, I looked out and saw some young would-be-model chatting with my boyfriend and hugging my puppy.  I got out there pretty fast! :)

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