Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Great Tail Chase

Hadley is very tuned in to movement.  I know that spaniels were bred as small hunting dogs so her desire to chase and pounce on anything that moves must be in her genes.  She's still too young but I'm told that when she's older, no bird or squirrel will be safe around her.  Except for her occasional game of "chase the feet" it's not an issue for me...although, of course, the birds and squirrels might feel differently :)

But, one of the things in her environment that moves a lot is her tail.  CKC Spaniels trot along with their tails up, high and proud and hers is also always wagging.  The movement constantly catches her eye and she needs to chase it.

When she was younger, I don't think she realized the tail was time she bit down on it a bit too hard, yelped in pain and ran to me :)  These days I think she does know it's hers and she doesn't bite it, she just likes to hold the feathered tip of it in her a pacifier.  But she always needs to contort herself into uncomfortable-looking positions to do it.  Silly puppy :)

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