Friday, August 28, 2009

The Stage Mother

One of my co-workers steered me towards a web site called The Daily Puppy which features pictures and profiles of cute pups of all breeds.  They have a pseudo contest where you may submit a minimum of 9 pictures of your puppy in hopes of having them featured prominently on the site.  When you join the site, other members can also see your pup's profile and can request friendship and comment on the photos.  I realize, of course, that all of this is ridiculous and doesn't do a damn thing for Hadley.  Call it an ego stroke for Hadley's mommy.

The 'friend request' thing is weird from people I don't know but I did enjoy reading the comments.  It appears to be the considered opinion of the seven people who commented that my Hadley is the prettiest little CKC Spaniel that ever was and I should submit her photos for the contest right away.  These same seven people seem to be the ones who comment on the photos of all new pups and I doubt they've ever seen one they didn't think was cute.  But, of course, I completely agree with their assessment of Hadley :)

When Brian and I took her for a walk this past Sunday, we ran into a woman walking another little female CKC who was about a month younger than Hadley.  We stopped to chat and she said she'd gotten the puppy from a pet store.  I frown on that although Brian doesn't share my displeasure.  I also immediately noted that her spaniel had some weird brown markings on her face and was nowhere near as pretty as my Hadley.

Brian is starting to think I'm a twit.

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