Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Breed or Not to Breed...

I always assumed I would spay my dog.  I wasn't interested in more puppies.  I didn't want her to stain around the house.  And I certainly didn't want every unfixed mutt in the city to go after her when she's in heat.  She'll be spayed at six months old, wear that silly cone for a few days and it will no longer be an issue.  Brian has other ideas.

He's been poo-pooing my concerns.  He says, what's the big deal?  Hadley is a beautiful, pure-bred dog.  Let's find her an appropriate stud and let her have some beautiful, pure-bred puppies.  We'll sell them for good money.  We have AKC papers.  Why not?

But, I'm the one who does the reading and the research and there's plenty of reasons why not.  I sent him web links to articles and videos.  He didn't want to take the time and said we'll do whatever I say.  But...I'm still hearing about this.  I told him that I won't discuss the breeding option with him until he's read what I've read and we can make a mutually informed decision.

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