Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Day Back to Work

I was so nervous about leaving her.  Does she have enough food and water...is the AC on low so the apartment won't get too hot...does she have her blanket in case it's too chilly with the AC on...what will she do while I'm gone all day...will she cry?

People told me she will most likely sleep a lot but I was a wreck.  What if she tries to jump the pen and hurts herself...what if she chokes on something and can't breeth.  The day dragged and I was a mess.

Yes...in a perfect world the puppy would be at my feet while I was home all day baking a cake but here in the real world...I have to work...I have to pay for rent and utilities and puppy food...

I left work a little early, jumped in a taxi and raced home...terrified to open the door...terrified of what I might find.  I found a sleeping puppy :)  She woke up when she heard me, though, and her tail started wagging...and she peed on the floor.  We're going to have to work on that...

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