Monday, June 15, 2009

Afraid of the Vet

I'm afraid of the vet, my puppy isn't.  I was scared she'd hate going to the vet and it would always be a big production.  But, no...she loved the vet.  She loved the vet tech, too.  She allowed herself to be poked and prodded and didn't even make a sound when she was vaccinated.  The, um, anal thermometer got quite a yelp, though :)

I was nervous about the vet's diagnosis.  This breed is prone to all kinds of problems.  Yeah, the breeder guaranteed but...what were we going to do...give her back?  I guess...if there was something really, really wrong but...I've kinda got my heart set on her.

Anyway, all those fears for nothing.  She's perfect...4 lbs., 11 oz...a healthy, well-fed puppy.  She was exhausted afterwards, though, and it made for a great picture!

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