Saturday, June 13, 2009

She's Home! She's Home!

We picked her up today! After all that planning and waiting... the usually beautiful 2 hour drive upstate was a crawl through one accident and road block after another.  The weather was miserable.  I woke up with a migraine.  We stopped at a diner and I wolfed down a greasy burger and fries to try to calm my headache.

I had planned to take lots of pictures of the event but the breeder put the puppy in my arms and everything got all side-tracked.  She's a good breeder, took her time, put all her guarantees and vital information in writing...AKC papers...a cute pink teddy bear blanket as a gift.

Daddy's got some mighty big shoes!
We brought the crate with us but I decided to hold her in my arms in the car.  Mistake.  She was hyper and kept trying to crawl away.  Her nails are long and my sweater is ruined. None of it matters.  She's home.

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