Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Conniption

Today Brian had to run a quick errand in Queens so he took Hadley with him while I stayed behind. He was able to drive out there but would need to take the subway back so he took her soft carrier with him. It would be her first time in the carrier, apart from practice runs in the living room, so I was pleased for the opportunity.

He called me while they were on the subway coming home and when I asked how their trip was going he informed me that "we don't like the subway." He said Hadley was calm until the train started to move and then she had a conniption in her carrier. He didn't think it was the motion because she's used to the movement of a car but rather the shrieking loud noise of the old train. He was forced to unzip the carrier a little so she could stick her head out and that seemed to do the trick. She rode the rest of the way with her head sticking out of the bag and her chin resting on Brian's arm while he hoped no one would complain.

Brian doesn't mind the subway...or much of anything else for that she didn't get her cue from him. I was relieved though, that it happened with him and not me. I definitely do not like the subway and I would have blamed myself for creating her nervousness. It reminded me of the latest installment of The Puppy Diaries series that The New York Times has been running and which discussed the differences between socializing a puppy in the city versus the country. I had been proud that my city pup had been exposed to all manner of loud, fast-moving stimulation and was unfazed. But, it's true that she had not been on the subway. Of course, since I avoid it at all costs, that's probably just fine :)

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