Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Visits

Hadley's lost two puppy teeth or at least that's how many I've found on the floor.  I've been finding blood stains on some of her toys so I suspect the tooth fairy has swooped in more times than I realized.  It's hard to tell by looking in her mouth because she's squirmy and I'm not sure what I'm looking at.  The two big puppy fangs on the top and the two on the bottom seem to still be there but other spaces look empty.  I can also tell by the way she eats her kibble, kind of tilting her head and moving the bits around, that she's trying to find some teeth :)

I know she's been in some discomfort and I worry whenever she seems under the weather.  But mostly I'm happy this time has come.  In all honesty, she's not been a very destructive puppy and has chewed more on her toys and bones than on furniture or wires.  Still, the arrival of her adult teeth should lessen or end the puppy nipping and I'm ready for her to grow up...mostly :)

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