Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leaving My Baby

Brian and I are going on a short vacation to Vermont, to a stunning little bed & breakfast and the glorious colors of autumn. Fall foliage stays in New England sell out fast so we booked this trip almost a year ago. In other words...pre-puppy. This B&B is a romantic, no kids, no pets getaway so Hadley must stay behind. I looked into several options including boarding, puppy-sitters and volunteering friends. In the end, and for a variety of reasons, I've chosen to board her at her vet's. Hadley's vet is especially fond of her, always carrying on about how beautiful she is, so I know she'll spend time with her. And who better then her own doctor to take care of her if anything were to go wrong? Still, I will worry if she's happy, lonely or just confused as to why mommy left her. I worry that the other dogs will bark and scare her or, even worse for me, teach her to bark :) I worry that she won't have her usual potty box routine and that it will derail her training. On the other hand, I've been looking forward to this trip for so long that I don't want to worry about anything. In the end, I'm sure that Hadley will forget the whole experience long before I will :)

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