Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trying My Patience

My pretty potty monster peed on the floor this morning.  She didn't forget her training or have a random accident.  No...she did it deliberately...but as a result of a bad decision.

She's now old enough to be capable of holding her pee for a long time but having a potty box at home gives her the comfort of peeing more often.  That's good for her and one of the reasons I chose this method but it has a drawback.  I try to change the paper in her box often but within reason.  She peed in the early morning hours so by the time I was getting ready for work, there was a dry pee stain on one part of the paper.  I hadn't changed it yet because it was still reasonably clean and I was hoping (in vain) for a post-breakfast morning poop.

Hadley went to her box, put her front paw on it, studied the cleanliness situation in there and decided that it wasn't clean enough to enter (yes, this is a DOG).  So, with her paw holding the box, she squatted and peed on the floor next to it.  I was right there, grabbed her, put her in the box and yelled at her pretty severely.

While I was cleaning up she stood quietly off to the side and was upset.  I know that because her tail wasn't wagging.  She's usually the happiest dog that ever lived and wagging is her tail's default position :)  But here's where I really saw how she's grown and matured.  Maybe I'm crazy but I could sense that she knew exactly why I was angry and that she'd made a bad decision.  A few minutes later, when I sat down at my desk, she came over and put her paw on my lap.  I picked her up and she nuzzled into my arms...her way of saying 'I'm sorry.'  I accepted her apology :)

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