Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a Nice Way to End the Summer

Our extended weekend on Long Island for Labor Day was blessed with beautiful weather and Brian and I both got to relax.

Hadley turned out to be an intrepid traveler. Unfortunately, the doggie seat belt we'd bought gave her too much room to roam around and, occasionally, if we made too quick a turn, she'd end up on the floor. But she remained unfazed.  She looked out the window for a while, explored whatever the back seat offered and then settled down on Brian's sweater for a nap. No nervousness, no car sickness.  Next time I'll put a knot in the seat belt to make it shorter so she can't slip off the seat :)

At the house, we had her sleeping in the kitchen because it was a room we could block off and that didn't have hardwood floors.  We put her potty box in there but were kind of thinking she'd screw up and have accidents.  But she actually surprised us and used her box.  I think she prefers to sleep in her pen at my apartment in a quiet, familiar corner of my home office.  Out in the country the crickets were out in full force and a couple of evil ones ended up in the kitchen and dining room.  Who could imagine such a small insect can make such a racket and I don't know if my poor little girl got much sleep.

But her days were certainly happier than usual...having both of us with her all the time for six days straight must have seemed like a lifetime and she looked quite perturbed when I left for work this morning.  But nothing could equal her joy at being able to run free on the grass.  Off-leash dog runs in the city are nothing compared to nearly 2 acres of nature in which to romp around and she was in heaven.  She never tried to leave the property, always keeping one or both of us in her sight so I never needed the outdoor tie-out I'd bought.  Whenever she tuckered herself out and needed a break, she hopped up on the porch where we were sitting and napped while we sipped our drinks and enjoyed the breeze.  Can there be a nicer way to end the summer? :)

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